Money management services from JETS in Greater Manchester

Money management services from JETS in Greater Manchester

JETS money management service: supporting you in making the most of your money

What is the money management service?

 Money Management is a new service offered exclusively to participants of the JETS programme in Greater Manchester. Once you’ve signed up to JETS you are entitled to receive free information and guidance from a dedicated team of advisors with over 65 years’ combined financial experience. They will invite you to either group workshops or 1:1 sessions where the support you receive will be tailored to your needs.

Who can benefit

from the service?

If you’re struggling to pay your bills or to save for the future, then you are likely to benefit from signing up for this support. Since its launch in early 2021, over 170 people have already used the service to help solve their financial needs. 

Get free advice and support to help you budget, manage your money and

deal with debt problems. Sometimes just being aware of practical tips on

managing your money can help you feel more in control. Helping to improve

peoples lives by providing free information and guidance on everyday

money matters so you can make informed choices.

The advice service areas will cover:


Budgeting and money management.

Borrowing and debt management. 

Protecting and insuring the individual and family.

Saving and investing.

Bank Accounts.



Social security and Universal Credit.

Over 50’s support.

Single Parents.

Our Aims:


Provide information, guidance and help participants to learn to manage a household budget, how credit and debit cards work, debt management, opening a bank account, etc.

Better off In Work Benefit calculations.

Group sessions engagement on core areas above.

Individual sessions: Tailored confidential information to particpiant.

Providing participant modules for money management by using tools and calculators as part of the provision to support with financial wellbeing and life event.

Provide participant with support and preparatory work needed to deal with debt management.

Support participants to make an informed choice for next step for referral to free regulated debt advice for serious debt issues. 


"Thank you Ian for your time and experience this morning will give this a try, I found this morning a good morale boost."

Christine R - Participant


Our team offers a core workshop with tailored advice to all participants. 

Reason’s for completing a budget plan

An accurate plan will help you to focus your mind around what you

currently spend your money on and where you can make savings.


It will let you see where you can make savings around irregular spending.

It will highlight fixed expenditures.

Where you may be able to make savings by switching e.g. utilities, mobile phone contracts.

Gives you all the information you need to hold discussions with your creditors in order to put repayment plans in place :- rehabilitation plans, holidays, recovery plans.

A constructive plan will give you freedom. It will help you decide what is important to you.


Good & Bad Debts

Good debts are really investments. When you buy a house, you are purchasing shelter and gaining an asset that will likely grow in value. Paying down a home loan might take decades, but as the equity grows and the value of the house increases, a house can easily become your most valuable investment. 

Other purchases do little financially but drain money. Holidays, fine dining and expensive cars might boost your ego but do nothing for your net worth. If you start to go into debt to get them, they can lead to financial despair.

It’s important to learn the difference between good and bad debts. You need to learn how to save money for big purchases, emergencies and, ultimately, retirement. It is important to know that taking on frivolous debts can undermine your life goals.

What does the core service cover?

Through 60-90 minute long group workshops (1:1 sessions can be requested), you will learn more about:

Constructive budgeting: why you should budget and how to create your own budget plan.

Borrowing and debt management: what’s involved in borrowing money and what to do if things go wrong.

Better off in work calculations: the potential impact finding employment can have on your Universal Credit.

Additional and more specific workshops are available for:

Money management for over 50s

Advice and guidance for people aged over 50

Money management for single parents

Advice and guidance on money for single parents

Money Management: Meet the Team

Personalised 45-60 minute bitesize workshops include:

Bank accounts: the different types of accounts and how to apply.

Savings and investments: why and how to save or invest your money.

Protection: the different types of financial protection and how to get it.

Pensions: the main types of pensions and recent changes to them.


"Thank you for taking the time to find out

this information for me."

Gordon E - Participant

How do I sign up?

You must be a participant of the JETS programme to be able to take part in the money management service workshops. If you aren’t, find out more about the job seeker support available from Job Entry Targeted Support service in Greater Manchester or speak to your Jobcentre Plus work coach for more details. If you are a current participant, contact your JETS advisor and ask to be referred to the money management service.

The money management service is currently only available

to Greater Manchester JETS participants.

What you can expect from JETS

Now you have been referred to Job Entry Targeted Support, by your Jobcentre Plus Work Coach, you will receive a call in the next 2 working days from 0800 020 9986 to arrange your initial appointment with your dedicated Employment Coach.

At your initial appointment with your Employment Coach you will start to work on creating an action plan to get you back to work. Action planning is a process that can help you to focus your ideas and decide what steps you need to take to achieve your goals. This plan will be personal to you and can address a wide range of areas including career goals and exclusive access to vacancies.

Here are some of the things JETS can support you with:

  • Job search support
  • Access to exclusive vacancies
  • Communication skills
  • Achieving goals
  • Confidence coaching
  • Equipment for job searching
  • Travel and childcare expenses for travelling to interviews
  • English language skills
  • Self-employment advice
  • Dealing with stress 
  • Mental wellbeing support

After your initial appointment you'll be in touch with your Employment Coach every 10 days and can access iWorks, a personalised careers package you can access online whenever you want to.

Our participant pledge

We will provide you with:

  • A flexible service that is convenient and accessible. Which may include support over the telephone, email or in person in your closest office
  • A personalised package of support that is tailored to your needs
  • Support to help you develop and progress in work
  • Priority access to exclusive job vacancies and job market information
  • Respect at all times and support with setting your own goals
  • Refunds for travel costs to and from prearranged appointments

What we will do for you:

  • Keep in regular contact with you
  • Ensure you can easily contact us
  • Give you access to the tools and information you need
  • Encourage and act on your feedback
  • Protect your personal information. Please read our privacy notice
  • Provide you with equality of opportunity
  • Focus on your safety and welfare
  • When you start work we will discuss any support you may need in your job

What we ask in return:

  • Keep your appointments with us, and let us know as soon as possible if you can’t attend
  • Tell us about any changes that may affect your employment or benefits
  • Treat our staff and other participants with courtesy and respect
  • Tell us if you need to communicate with us in a different way

6,448 people in Greater Manchester have started work thanks to JETS

Working in partnership

Job Entry Targeted Support is delivered in Greater Manchester by Ingeus alongside Bolton Council, Oldham Council, Rochdale Borough Council, The Growth Company and The Get Set Academy. It is commissioned by the Greater Manchester Combined Authority (GMCA), funded by the Department for Work and Pensions, and co-financed by the European Social Fund