Our values

Every day at Ingeus we have conversations and interactions that help people to change their lives. Everyone has a part to play in that. And the way we approach this important work is what sets us apart. That ‘way’ is rooted in our values:

Take pride

We value the potential of everyone and celebrate our achievements. We strive for excellence and to be the best we can be, going the extra mile, and adapting, changing, and innovating to deliver great results. 

Do the right thing

This value means we act with integrity and do what we say we’ll do. We build trust and have honest conversations, always considering the impact of our actions on others. 

Believe in everyone

We believe in everyone and encourage people to believe in themselves. We believe in everyone’s capability to change and challenge ourselves and others to make positive change. We value our colleagues and know we can achieve more together. 

Care and respect

We understand that supporting and caring for one another enables people to thrive. Our culture of inclusivity provides a sense of belonging which means we listen and respect other’s views, embrace difference, care about people and what we do, and treat everyone fairly. 

Own it

Our teams are always striving to achieve the best results – always asking “what else can I do?”. This value means we take accountability for our actions, demonstrate leadership at every level, and are excited by new challenges. 

How our values inform our work

Our values underpin everything we do to deliver services in employment, health, justice and youth, for you, for business and with partners.

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