Society is strongest when everybody works with each other to improve the world around them. Research shows that initiatives which let young people explore their place in the world deliver lasting value to participants and their communities. Our mission is to help build a new generation of confident, independent, and aspirational young citizens. This includes giving young people the practical and wellbeing support they need to progress in education, training, or employment. 

In 2022, we supported more than 36,000 young people gain skills, build confidence and find work.

We deliver services on behalf of partners including the National Citizen Service Trust and local authorities, leading expert supply chains and local partners with the same values to deliver personalised and engaging programmes to help young people be active and succeed. 

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Ingeus is committed to being a progressive organisation, evolving to meet the needs of customers. Ingeus Youth Voice was created to act as a central advisory board, representing the views of younger participants and ensuring we continue to meet their challenges of today and tomorrow.

Are you aged between 16-25 and passionate about youth voice? 

Ingeus are looking for young people to come on board as Regional Youth Voice Ambassadors to create a strong, dynamic team of connected young people ready to influence change. As well as holding a place on the National Citizen Service (NCS) Steering Board, Ambassadors will input and feedback on all aspects of Ingeus services across all divisions, including design, delivery, policy, processes, and people. Regional Ambassadors will work alongside our National Youth Voice Ambassadors & the National Youth Voice Lead. 

What is a Youth Ambassador? 

Youth Ambassadors form the Ingeus Youth Voice. They work together and have a range of responsibilities including: 

  • Attending and participating in Youth Voice meetings and events 
  • Working with Ingeus teams to provide honest feedback and ideas 
  • Developing their skills through business-wide opportunities including job shadowing and training workshops 
  • Acting as a champion of the Ingeus Youth Voice and engaging other young people 

Why is Youth Voice Important?  

Youth voice is important because it supports young people to have a positive impact and affect change in their communities. It can be an empowering process, giving young people a sense of ownership within their communities and society more broadly. Youth voice also plays a significant role in making sure organizations have a realistic and accurate understanding of young people’s views. This means organizations that work with young people are more likely to have a bigger impact. Young people are “experts by experience” and when adults can work collaboratively with young people this leads to the best solutions. 

What does ‘good’ look like? 

Good youth voice practice means that, as a young person, you feel like your views and opinions are genuinely considered and you can make a difference. It is important that young people feel that the time and effort they give is valued and worthwhile.

If you have any questions before completing the application form then please contact Kayshia Phillips at

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Ingeus Youth Voice

Our Youth Voice Ambassadors are a dynamic team of young people aged 16-25, coming together from across the country to influence change. The Ambassador Programme is designed to give young people a platform to use their voice and to empower them to be better prepared for life and work. The team works together to provide Ingeus with a unique youth voice ensuring that we, as an organisation, are equipped to support young people with the right high quality, flexible and responsive services. They are an essential part in ensuring our services are youth friendly for today and the future.

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