The world of work is changing so fast that people can easily be left behind. Working is proven to be good for people’s health, their families and society. Our mission is to make sure people have the skills, support, and behaviours to get jobs, gain independence and become productive employees.

Ingeus employment services support unemployed people to get back into work. We also support people who are accessing psychological therapies and require employment advice. In 2022, our services helped more than 50,000 unemployed people into work. 

We design and deliver services on behalf of central government and local authorities, leading local supply chains and partner networks to deliver targeted support for people of all backgrounds and circumstances, including people with health conditions and/or disabilities. 

We partner with employers to provide people with access to local vacancies, ensuring they have the skills and knowledge to be work-ready for a wide-range of sectors and occupations, while giving employers no-cost, tailored recruitment solutions to create talented, inclusive teams.

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