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We would like to hear from private, public and third sector organisations across the UK that can offer their expertise to support people facing a wide range of constraints such as unemployment, rehabilitation and resettlement, or health issues. 

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Emotional Well-Being Neurodiversity Services – Expression of Interest to partner with Ingeus

Emotional Well-Being The Opportunity

The Ministry of Justice estimates that approximately 15-20% of the adult population has some form of neuro-divergence. This suggests a need for better engagement with People on Probation who identify as neurodivergent and to bolster Probation understanding and confidence, at both a front-line and more strategic level, of engaging with this group of individuals.

Programme Aims

Provide services which support People on Probation to improve their coping skills and resilience, to engage with mental health services and comply with treatment and to interact confidently with others

Service Delivery

Ingeus is looking for partners to provide support across neurodiverse conditions:

  • Learning difficulties and disabilities (LDDs) which generally include: learning disability, dyslexia, dyscalculia, and developmental coordination disorder (DCD, also known as dyspraxia); and other common conditions, such as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD, autism spectrum conditions, developmental language disorder (DLD), tic disorders and cognitive impairments due to acquired brain injury (ABI)

There are three key elements to the service:

  1. Activities to be delivered to Probation Practitioners or, otherwise, staff delivering probation services Providing training to service users to enable them to manage their own finances
  2. Activities delivered to Probation Leaders in the region or Probation Delivery Unit(s)
  3. Activities delivered to People on Probation (WM includes an IOM Main Focus)

Positive Outcomes

  • To develop improved self-efficacy, resilience, and an ability to recognise and manage triggers to worsening well-being
  • An increased ability to build and maintain appropriate social interactions
  • An increased ability to engage with and access mental health service and comply with medication / treatment / therapy programmes

We are currently looking for partners in the following areas:

  • North West
  • Yorkshire
  • West Midlands

Ingeus is inviting EOIs particularly from local organisations or community representatives to support the delivery of the Emotional Well-Being services. Ideally, organisations have experience with neuro-diverse conditions and/or supporting offenders/ex-offenders who have multiple, complex barriers to deliver tailored and engaging programme interventions to achieve a positive outcome. 

Our Partnership Approach

Strong partnerships underpin our services. Our commitment to act with honesty and integrity is demonstrated in our proven track record working with a wide range of organisations to support and develop high quality services for our customers.

If you are a values driven provider with a track record of high quality delivery in related services we would like to hear from you. 

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This opportunity has a quick turnaround time and the deadline for completion of this EOI is Friday 5th August 2022

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