Offending damages society and it can be difficult for offenders to change their behaviour, even when they want to. Rehabilitating offenders both protects the public and builds a stronger society in the long term. Our mission is to work with offenders to transform their lives, break the cycle of re-offending and create safer communities. 

Ingeus justice services support people in the justice system to successfully transition back into the community through specialist rehabilitative services. Our services offer a whole-person approach, supporting people with their personal wellbeing, accommodation, health, education and training, employment, and more. 

We have extensive experience of delivering services to people in the criminal justice system and, as the lead partner in the Reducing Re-offending Partnership (RRP), managing two Community Rehabilitation Companies, we helped more than 50,000 people. Our award-winning teams and comprehensive evidence base gives us a unique insight into what works, and we constantly challenge our thinking to improve outcomes for people on their rehabilitation journey.

We deliver services on behalf of Ministry of Justice, His Majesty’s Probation Service, and Prisons; leading local supply chains and partner networks to deliver targeted, personalised support. 

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How we work

Our culture and values are embedded in how we work to achieve high quality outcomes, demonstrated in five key areas:  

  1. A commitment to and a focus on the individual service user.
  2. Flexibility, creativity and a willingness to take different approaches and adapt service provision to the needs of a specific prison or local community.
  3. Valuing lived experience and the involvement of people on probation in designing services and integrating peer support throughout interventions for both people in prison and in the community. 
  4. Equal partnerships to build ongoing relationships with a wide range of statutory, voluntary and private sector organisations.
  5. Investment in people, resources and technology to innovate and improve service delivery.

CRC Evaluation Series

Ingeus was the lead partner in the Reducing Reoffending Partnership (RRP) which operated the Community Rehabilitation Companies in the Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire & Rutland, and Staffordshire & West Midlands areas between 2015 and 2021. To capture from our work with more than 50,000 people on different forms of probation supervision, we commissioned Russell Webster, an independent criminal justice specialist, to undertake a series of evaluations into ten different areas of practice. 

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Lived Experience

Ingeus commissioned independent expert, Russell Webster, to evaluate the impact of lived experience in our Justice services – including Commissioned Rehabilitative Services, CFO3 and CFO Activity Hubs. The latest evaluation report examines how we have worked with people with lived experience of the criminal justice system, delivering support to them through activities such as peer mentoring and volunteering, and enabling them to successfully find paid work with employers within the social justice sector.

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