How to make a good first – and second – impression with employers

30 Apr 2021
We’ve all heard it said, but nevertheless it’s true: you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression.
It’s equally true that when faced with a pile of job applications, employers often follow the path that rejection is the first part of selection.
So the need to give your CV a chance of making the shortlist and to ensure your next bosses realise they’d be lucky to take you on is not just important, it’s vital. Fortunately help is at hand if you are looking for work, changing careers or seeking to go it alone.
Ingeus asked its employability experts to pull together tips and advice to support you in your job search. And what better time than Employability Day to click on the links and give yourself the chance to make the head of the queue?
Keeping CV robots happy
Employers are increasingly using Applicant Tracking Systems that search for keywords in your CV to find essential skills, experience and qualifications. To give your CV the best chance of getting over this first hurdle you should include commonly used words from the job description, limit your CV to two pages, keep it simple and cut the waffle. Read the tips here
How to succeed at video interviews
Pandemic lockdowns mean that many job interviews are carried out online. From choosing the right background and wearing the right clothes, to making sure your tech works and having a glass of water to hand, you can find lots of useful tips by clicking here
How to be a shining STAR at interviews
Whatever the job, whatever your experience, interviews can be a nerve-wracking situation. But many find the STAR technique a useful way to structure their responses by breaking them down to follow the stages: situation, task, action, result. Find out how to shine by clicking here

How to impress the boss
Demonstrating your skills, even the ones you may not know you have, are key when seeking work. Ingeus research has identified the six skills employers value most highly. Find out what they are by clicking here
The five questions YOU should ask at interviews
Asking your interviewer a question helps to show your enthusiasm and commitment, as well as allowing you to get useful information. Find out the top five questions you should be asking by clicking here
Fancy being your own boss?
Becoming self-employed can be a great way of achieving independence, working in a sector you enjoy and having a better work/life balance. But it’s not an easy option. Click here to find out if it’s right for you and click here to learn more about what’s involved

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