Top ways that Ingeus helps employers

25 Aug 2020
Don’t Go It Alone. Being out of work and at home – especially now – can be a challenge. Whether you live with a health condition or disability; are long-term unemployed, looking for work unaided can be a daunting prospect.
Fear not. There are jobs out there with your name on.

Here’s ten excellent reasons why an Ingeus programme could be just what you’re looking for.  
1. We know where to start
You may have an idea of your ideal role already, or have no clue where to start. Our expert employment advisors will talk to you openly about your hopes – and your worries. They will help you identify your transferable skills and give you ideas to guide your choices. You’re not on your own.  
2. You make the decisions
We appreciate that everyone is different. Everyone has their own story to tell about being out of work and will take a different route to finding a job. If you’ve voluntarily referred yourself to an Ingeus programme, nothing is mandatory. You won’t be pressured into applying for roles you’re not interested in or that you’re not ready for. You call the shots.
3. We help with more than just job hunting
Lots of different factors contribute to a successful working life. Ingeus and the partners that it works with can help ensure that the building blocks are all in place. Housing, childcare, benefit payments, transport, IT skills, interview clothing, and specialist health advice are all part of the Ingeus package.
4. We find job vacancies
Ingeus works with employers in many different industries to access hundreds of job vacancies, some of which are not advertised elsewhere. We can put you in touch with employers we work with and can also point you in the direction of locally advertised roles.
5. You benefit from years of combined experience
Our highly trained employment advisors have worked with many unemployed people. Some may have never worked, others may have long-term health issues or complex demands on their time at home. We are used to navigating these barriers and matching your skills to available vacancies. We’ll help you believe in yourself as you hunt for vacancies, write a CV, prepare for interviews and successfully find work.
6. We’re passionate about what we do
We’re nice. We’re friendly. We listen. We pride ourselves on the service we deliver to job seekers on our programmes. We will get to know you and help you stay motivated every step of the way.
7. You’ll meet other people
Under normal circumstances you would be invited to visit one of our welcoming offices for a chat with your employment advisor. We run group training and supported workshops with unemployed people. We encourage you to share tips, ideas and experiences. You’ll also receive 1-1 support from your employment advisor.
While we can’t always get everyone together right now...
8. We can work remotely
We’re fully geared up to deliver our services remotely. Online, over the phone, text, mail, or carrier pigeon, we carry on! We help you access the technology you need to start working with us.
9. Once you’re in work, we help you stay there
Our advisors will be with you as you start your new adventure. We’ll keep in touch and ensure everything’s running smoothly – and step in to help you and your employer if it’s not.  
10. It’s free and easy to sign up
There is no charge for Ingeus services. Our programmes are fully funded by government.

Joining the programme has changed because of the Coronavirus and you can now express an interest here:  We’ll be in touch to talk about what happens next.  

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