Ingeus worker finds job for client in less than 4 hours

4 Nov 2020
That goose bump moment
Ingeus’ Arlene Todd has beaten her own record for finding a replacement job for a client engaging with Work and Health North West. The resourceful Employer Account Manager was able to secure a new position in less than four hours for 20 year old John after he lost his employment.

Going above and beyond
Despite finishing her working day, Arlene swung into action after she received a phone call to say that John had lost his job and was feeling completely disheartened.
“I rang John immediately and told him to keep his chin up and that I would do my best to find him another role,” commented Arlene. “This is why I love my work because our efforts at Ingeus can really transform lives. When I know that I have helped someone to find a job, I get goose bumps because they are so happy to be offered a chance to work again.”
Work and Health North West supports those who have been unemployed for a long time, as well as people with health conditions, into work.
Arlene's action plan
During the evening Arlene quickly updated John’s CV to reflect his most recent employment history and highlighted his additional skills, his punctuality and hard work. She then chatted to him about the type of work he wanted to do which was a hands-on physical role.
“I knew that I had to act fast because I had heard from one of my contacts that there were a number of new jobs at a furniture assembly firm,” added Arlene. “Part of my role is to liaise with various local employers in the North West to match clients with vacancies. I have built up a number of productive partnerships because they trust me and my judgement.
“I have established an excellent relationship with a recruitment agency; I reassured the agency’s owner that John was a good worker who turned up on time and would be an ideal candidate for one of these vacancies that they were recruiting for.
“John’s CV was put forward and he was accepted by the furniture assembly company. I was able to ring him back that same evening with the good news that he was starting a new job on Monday. He was delighted at the result – a definite goose bump moment for me.”
Performance and Delivery Manager, Work and Health Programme North West, Vicky Lemon, said: “Arlene really does go above and beyond – well done!”
Connecting with Ingeus
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