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11 Sep 2020
Ingeus delivers a range of regional employability programmes that source, prepare and support candidates to apply for and sustain employment. We work with long term unemployed jobseekers, people with disabilities and health conditions, and priority groups who may need specialist support. And our numbers are rising daily.
Our candidates are work-ready, enthusiastic and knowledgeable about the roles they apply for but that’s just the start. Here’s ten top reasons why employers value working with us.
1. They can select from the widest possible talent pool
We give you access to candidates that we know and believe in. We’ve supported them in their job search and can give you a rounded picture of their skills and competencies. Our candidates are actively seeking work, and may only be doing so via Ingeus. Don’t miss out on talent that may be unreachable otherwise.
2. They can hire quickly
We have job-ready candidates with the right fit for your open vacancies. We can undertake time consuming admin and recruitment processes for you and get your teams fully up to speed, fast. Our participants are ready and waiting – let’s get people back into work quickly.
3. Saves time
No more sifting through CVs. No more unsuitable candidates. No lengthy admin or feedback. Ingeus will expertly screen and filter candidates to ensure a best match, undertake background checks, and make sure transport, shift patterns and salary don’t become future stumbling blocks. You can concentrate on your day job while we do ours.  
4. Saves money
No recruitment advertising or agency fees.
Ingeus employability programmes are fully funded by government and carry no cost to employers. We offer fee-free, full service recruitment and it doesn’t cost a penny.
5. We give realistic job knowledge
We make sure our participants are a great fit by giving them realistic job knowledge. Our employer account managers will make sure they understand your requirements perfectly. In normal circumstances we run industry-specific academies at Ingeus premises to showcase an industry or job role. Employers are invited – come and see our jobseekers prepare. Ingeus premises are also usually open for all employer partners to use for meetings and interviews – but in the meantime...
6. We can work remotely
We’re fully geared up to deliver our services remotely. Online, over the phone, text, mail, or carrier pigeon, we carry on!
7. We provide in-work support
We support your new Ingeus recruits as they restart working life. We’ll keep in touch and ensure everything’s running smoothly – and step in to help if for any reason it’s not.  
8. We are passionate about what we do
We pride ourselves on the service we deliver to employers and the jobseekers on our programmes. We understand the vital role we play in allowing anyone to reap the rewards of a working life and we work with employers that value that too.
9. Working with Ingeus demonstrates your social responsibility
Reflect the communities that your serve and embrace the many talents an Ingeus participant can bring to your business. Should it be required, we can help you to make reasonable adjustments and become more disability confident.  
10. We provide nationwide support
Ingeus delivers employability programmes regionally. If we can’t directly deliver you the perfect candidate then our expert-partnership of employability providers will. Visit https://www.dwppartners.co.uk/ for more information.
If you are interested in how Ingeus can help support your recruitment needs please use the links below


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