Explore the potential of the social prescribing movement

31 Aug 2020
Ingeus is the first UK employment support provider to offer a ‘social prescribing’ service to local job seekers in Greater Manchester through the innovative online platform developed by Elemental.
Working Well (Work and Health Programme) provides tailored support to individuals with disabilities and health conditions who are seeking work. The programme is commissioned by the Greater Manchester Combined Authority (GMCA) and receives support from the European Social Fund.
Jayne Garner, Head of Delivery in Greater Manchester, is promoting how Ingeus is harnessing the power of social prescribing - a digital referral system that connects individuals to community resources for a positive result. The digital platform has been commissioned by GMCA and the Health and Social Care Partnership (HSCP).
Social prescription often refers to non-clinical support services such as housing, debt, health and addiction management that can help improve mental and physical wellbeing or is relevant to creating a stable lifestyle and removing barriers to work.
Join in the social prescribing movement
Now Working Well (Work and Health Programme) is appealing for local organisations and charities to join the new referral system that will streamline engagement and enable Ingeus’ employment key workers to book appointments on a specific day and time with partner agencies.
Jayne added: “Ingeus is proud to be the first in its field to join with Elemental. Their digital social prescribing platform brings together a range of agencies and charities in Greater Manchester providing a better integration of services for people in their local neighbourhoods. Now our ability is further enhanced to provide a more personalised and holistic service.
“We are calling on service providers in the community to join us. Using the digital platform, our teams will be able to book participants directly into relevant appointments and interventions with partner organisations that will produce actual referrals for an activity and encourage attendance by job seekers. Some of our more vulnerable clients would be more likely to attend when they know that someone is waiting to welcome them.”
Find out more here: https://inworkgm.co.uk/

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