Ingeus leads training to help older jobseekers

15 Feb 2022
It’s a sad fact that older jobseekers can feel at a disadvantage applying for roles because of their age explains Steve Hart, Chief Operating Officer, Ingeus Employment.

It’s a sad fact that older jobseekers can feel at a disadvantage applying for roles because of their age. Many of the people Ingeus helps back into employment are over 50, so we are thrilled to be leading the way in a project to transform the job search for this age group.
The Upskilling Employability Workers programme trains employability key workers on how to better support clients aged 50 plus, by understanding the specific barriers they face. We treat all clients as individuals and tailor support appropriately. With around 50 percent of our participants 45 or older, we have expert knowledge of what works and what doesn’t while supporting them.
Some of the negative older age stereotypes jobseekers may face include:  
It’s more important than ever that people can find work as they age, with many working for longer and with widespread job losses due to Covid. This project is helping to shape the whole industry to help older people, who often have invaluable skills and experience, to access job opportunities fairly.
It has been created by the Centre for Ageing Better, following findings that many older workers experience ageism in the recruitment process and struggle more than other age groups to get back into work when unemployed. Ingeus key workers from the Working Well (Work and Health Programme) (WW WHP) in Greater Manchester helped shape the training and are piloting the four online, self-learn training modules.
Ingeus’ WW WHP in Greater Manchester provides tailored support to people with disabilities and health conditions who are seeking employment. It is commissioned by the Greater Manchester Combined Authority and receives support from the European Social Fund.
The accredited training course is available to industry practitioners via the Institute of Employability Professionals (IEP), which reports that more than 600 people have accessed it to date. Ongoing evaluation of the training’s effectiveness by the Centre for Ageing Better via Ingeus key workers is instrumental in ensuring the learning is robust and adds value to key workers’ knowledge.
An interim report into the project shows that most key workers who took part in the pilot felt better equipped following the training. 45% reported a better understanding of customers’ needs, while 60% said it had positively changed their practices toward participants to some degree. It was found that the training gave them a better understanding of clients’ needs; lead to better support; and improved relationships with older jobseekers.
Older clients were found to be more confident and motivated, and able to view their age differently, following the upskilling of their key workers.
The Upskilling Employability Workers project is a partnership between the Centre for Ageing Better, the Institute of Employability Professionals (IEP), Ingeus, and the Greater Manchester Combined Authority. Industry professionals interested in accessing the training should contact

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