Meet Katherine; Our dedicated campaigner for mental health provision

23 Sep 2020
Katharine Heald is a mental health practitioner with Ingeus’ Work and Health Programme in the North West and is also an expert at clinical jargon busting. A vital skill when explaining the help that is available for men and women who are seeking new work opportunities.
The employment support programme, known locally as Work and Health North West, helps those who have been unemployed for a long time, as well as people with health conditions, into work.
“My role is to help job seekers to improve their mental wellbeing,” commented Katharine. “Many clients have not previously received any guidance related to their mental health. I can explain what the clinical terms mean and give reassurance that we have the expertise and tools to help them deal with mild to moderate mental health issues.
“We are currently promoting the expanded provision of SilverCloud, a confidential internet-based platform that delivers online therapeutic programmes. SilverCloud has been developed by clinical experts and provides easy to use content with tools that offer solutions to combat low to medium anxiety, stress and depression.”
The health team at Ingeus assess which online programme will help participants and support them to complete the sessions through regular contact. The number of different options available has increased from 10 to 30, which includes mental health support for people with specific health barriers such as diabetes, heart conditions and chronic pain.
There is also a suite of five core programmes that are available for participants who do not require an extra level of support from the health team. Participants gain access through a self sign-up portal and complete modules independently at their own pace on their laptop, tablet or mobile phone.
“The available SilverCloud programmes are based on elements of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT),” said Katharine. “When I’ve mentioned CBT, a few individuals have looked a little unsure, but I explain that it’s simply the clinical term for a provision that offers very practical solutions to help participants set goals, identify mood triggers and adopt strategies to develop a more positive approach that balances out negative thinking.”
Work and Health North West, delivered by employment specialist Ingeus, is commissioned by the Department for Work and Pensions and receives support from the European Social Fund.
If you are looking for work in the North West and would like to know more about the range of support available from Ingeus, please register your interest here

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