The five best questions to ask at your interview

12 Apr 2021
Interviews aren’t just about answering questions correctly, it’s just as important that you ask the right kind of questions too. Asking your prospective employer a question gives you another opportunity to demonstrate your enthusiasm and commitment, and a chance to find out any more information for your own benefit.

It’s important to go into your interview prepared and having a list of four or five questions to choose from will help you to feel calm and ready to make a good impression – it’s easy for your mind to go blank once you’re in the hot seat.

So, what are the killer questions? Ingeus expert employment coaches share their top five tips on how you can leave a strong lasting impression:

  1. Ask about the company

Questions about the company will not only demonstrate your interest but the answers will help you to learn more about the organisation you could end up working for.
Remember: an interview is a two-way process – it’s as important that you find out if the job is right for you as it is for the interviewer to find out about you:

The responses will help you to assess whether it’s the right kind of place for you to work. You should gain a general idea of job security, and an insight into how they rank things such as work-life balance, as well as any other benefits they may offer.

  1. Check your career progression
Asking where the role may eventually lead will show your commitment and eagerness to do a good job and progress further:  
  1. Ask about the job

If you’re still unsure whether the job is right for you, then asking one of these questions will help you to decide.
This type of question could also give you the chance to explain how you’ve fulfilled certain tasks in a previous role:

  1. Make it personal
This was one of the Ingeus coaches’ favourite type of question. More personal questions show you’re not just interested in getting the job, but also in the other employees and the company itself:  
  1. The next step
A final question of “When can I expect to hear from you?” is an ideal way to end an interview. It shows you’re keen and offers you peace of mind so you’re not left waiting anxiously by the phone for days on end.
Above all, when asking questions it’s important to remember to use your common sense – if something has already been covered earlier on in the interview, then don’t ask about it again. And if this does happen, move down your list and choose the next most appropriate one.

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