How to stay positive when looking for work

16 Jul 2021
Let’s face it: unemployment can be hard going. Even with Ingeus in your corner it can feel like the world’s longest boxing match in which you keep getting knocked down.
There are good days but also some bad days. It’s easy to fall into the trap of letting good habits slide. But staying in bed till midday and stressing about your lack of work is not the best strategy for staying motivated or finding a job.
And you WILL find a job. It might not feel like it right now but these bad times will come to an end and Ingeus will make sure you are heading in the right direction.
So don’t throw in the towel. Try these tips to stay positive:
1. Have a routine
Treat your job search like a work day. Get up early, get dressed and get job hunting. And fill your day with other useful activities rather than dwelling on your current situation.
2. Set achievable goals
Don’t set yourself a target of finding a job by a certain date. To some extent that’s out of your hands. So set goals that you can control. For example: contact three companies you fancy working for with a speculative letter by the end of the week. Or attend a couple of networking events or meet up with a former work colleague by a certain date.
3. Learn new things
Take this time to take on board some new skills. And if they are ones that could boost your employability – result! Consider brushing up your writing skills or learn some IT programs such as Word, Excel or PowerPoint. Why not search the web for free podcasts from successful, or just interesting, people?
Try some free TEDTalks – the short online sessions from people who have something to say to make the world a better place. Major bonus points if you can drop one of those into a future interview.
Or search ASK SETH, it’s a searchable directory of free support and resources for jobseekers.
4. Give up time for others
Make a list of what you’re good at. Stick it on the fridge. It might be an ability simply to talk and engage with people, maybe you’re handy with a computer, good at sport or love the outdoor life.
Whatever it is, it’s likely you can find a voluntary organisation that can make use of that skill. And it’s not just the people you help that benefit. You can learn new skills, meet different people and regain some of that self-worth that may have been dented while unemployed. And it’s a definite plus point for your CV. Search the web or contact your local volunteering centre for opportunities.
5. Give up time for yourself
Stay healthy, keep active, sleep well and socialise.
Job interviews can be stressful so, however it goes, reward yourself afterwards with something not related to job hunting: a walk in the park, meet up with a friend. Cakes are good too.
And if you find out you didn’t get the job, don’t beat yourself up about it. See it as practise for future interviews.

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