Krystle leaves pedicures behind and sets foot on road to IT

24 Jul 2023
An online bootcamp teaching computer coding skills might seem an unlikely career move for a beauty therapist.
However, with an interest in IT sparked by stints on salon booking systems, Krystle said an immediate ‘Yes’ when her Restart Advisor at Ingeus suggested the online course.

Krystle had gained Level 3 Beauty qualifications in facials, massages, manicures and pedicures but says: “Doing four massages a day makes your hands hurt and your back ache, so I decided to give up and look for something else.”

The bootcamp, arranged by Ingeus as part of the Restart Scheme in Central and West London, was designed to give an understanding of coding and equip participants with wider digital skills. It was run by partner CodeVerse, which specialises in technology courses and employment support for under-represented groups.

While the physical demands of beauty therapy had led to Krystle giving up her salon career, as a single mum with a teenage son she needs to find a job that offers her an income while fitting in with childcare demands. She hopes an IT career gives her a better chance of achieving that.

“When my Restart Advisor suggested the bootcamp I thought, why not?

“While programming is a big leap from doing pedicures, so many jobs need computer skills nowadays so I thought it would be useful. The bootcamp was hard but the teacher was great and I feel proud to have completed the training and got a certificate to prove my new skills.

“I’d like to work perhaps as a receptionist or maybe in an office. I’ve been out of work for a year so getting a job would make a big difference to me in terms of money but also in my social life and making new friends.”

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