Case Study

Been there, done that, now I want to wear the IT-shirt

31 Jul 2023
Hairdresser, mechanic, construction worker, security officer... Max’s CV has plenty of jobs listed, except for the one she really wants: working in an IT role.

Now she’s taken a big step towards that ambition after emerging as one of the top performers on a four-week online computer coding bootcamp.

Funded by Ingeus through the Restart Scheme, the course was a new initiative aimed at helping to fill London’s crippling digital jobs gap by providing upskilled and work ready candidates.

It was run by CodeVerse, which enables people from diverse and under-represented backgrounds to access high demand technology roles. It shares the Ingeus goal of supporting businesses to diversify their workforces and enhance their social value.

Max had gained an IT degree and worked for a while in web development but was unable to pin down a long-term career. That led to her seeking other roles that would give her the safety net of a regular wage and the self-respect of a worthwhile job.

It ended up in security. Max earned her qualifications and although, initially, it meant working as a door supervisor, she had ambitions to move into CCTV and eventually cyber security. However, the sporadic nature of the job, only being called on to work when there was a demand, was not for her.

The next setback was the Covid lockdowns, leaving her unemployed for nearly two years.

She says: “I had been thinking of going back to IT and after I was referred to Ingeus under the Restart Scheme, I was offered a place on a coding bootcamp. I said yes straight away.

“I was looking for anything to do with IT. The course was challenging as I have not done any coding for years, but the CodeVerse tutor was very good, really patient and explained things properly. He was amazing.”

“The bootcamp and the support of my Restart Advisor has given me confidence I can get a job, whereas before I didn’t have that feeling. After being out of work for two years I feel a lot more positive about my future now.

“Getting a job would mean freedom because at the minute, as I’m unemployed, I’m free in terms of time but not free in terms of money. Having a wage every month would be good, especially now the price of everything has gone up, which makes life harder.

“It would be good, too, to get back to being active. When you have a lot of free time you tend to get less active, and that’s not who I am.”

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