Celebrating different minds: Meet ambitious Ed

22 Mar 2024
Actor. Children’s TV presenter. Trainer. Life coach… ‘Total people person’ Ed had already packed a lot into his career before joining Ingeus almost three years ago. Initially working as a frontline employment advisor, a switch to the Learning and Development team has seen him quickly progress. 

This wouldn’t surprise anyone at Ingeus. He passionately shares his enthusiasm for work and life while inducting new colleagues into the business and providing leadership management and coaching. He also freely shares his experiences with dyslexia and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

“I love to be busy, I’m a multitasking machine,” says Ed, whose hybrid role at Ingeus sees him working from home in Kent and regularly traveling to offices in Manchester, the Midlands, and London. “I really enjoy getting out and about, being around people – the bigger the crowd the better! 

“My job means being flexible in where I am and what sessions I’m delivering. It’s a fast-paced role and I’m constantly on the move – it really suits my brain. Meeting new people joining the business every few weeks is a joy.” 

It has only been in the past year that 36-year-old Ed has identified and embraced his ADHD after friends on holiday assured him they’d known for years that he had the condition.

“I’ve always been a bundle of energy, spontaneous, with six things on the go at once,” laughs Ed with his trademark humour. “I guess I’d learnt to manage who I am and built a natural resilience. But learning about ADHD made everything start to fall into place. Not everyone with a neurodivergent condition finds it challenging. I see it as my superpower. I’m sure it spurred me to success as an employment advisor; I helped 40 participants find work in my seven months in the job.”

Less easy to manage was Ed’s dyslexia which, left undiagnosed as a child, saw him branded the class clown and a lazy learner: “I still remember the teacher’s red pen marks all through my books,” recalls Ed, who with Ingeus’ backing has just successfully completed a 15-month leadership qualification, including resitting GCSE Maths. 

“Ingeus asked if I needed any support and arranged a mentor and neurodiversity specialist, who gave me some great tips. It is such an accepting, embracing place to work. My manager understands I need to take extra time over written materials and being open about my dyslexia means people easily forgive the odd typo. I’m able to be myself.”   

Eighteen months after joining the Learning and Development team, Ed was promoted from Advisor to a Specialist position. He is a trained mental health first aider and de-escalation and breakaway trainer for the business and is progressing to become a Diversity and Inclusion Group Champion and Wellbeing Champion.

He concludes: “I’m thriving here, I love it. When I’m inducting new colleagues, I can set the scene with my story. I can encourage others to be open and transparent, knowing they’ll be respected and supported. Neurodivergence isn’t something to shy away from anymore – let’s get rid of that stigma of being lazy or naughty.

“We all know people with differences, just like my friends on holiday pointed out to me. We’re all unique, all different, that’s what makes the world go round.”

Ingeus is proud to support Neurodiversity Celebration Week. Together let’s change the narrative to understand, accept, and celebrate neurodiversity.

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