Chop, chop... Chef Tariq cuts his diabetes risk

13 Jun 2021
Trim Tariq weighs in at a healthy 69kg and has made simple, healthy lifestyle changes despite working demanding shifts in a busy city-centre restaurant and eating at irregular times.

“If I can incorporate diet changes then anyone can,” says Tariq. “I used to often eat very late at the restaurant, but my colleagues have been great at helping me to adjust and eat at a sensible time. I’ve also cut down on some carbohydrates and sweet treats.
“My parents both had Type 2 diabetes and I am determined to reduce my risk.”
After recording high blood sugar levels in his last routine blood test, Tariq was referred to the Healthier You programme; delivered by Ingeus at the Summerfield Community Sports Centre in Winson Green. The sessions, run by Ingeus health educator Jake Joyce, gives participants practical advice aimed at healthier eating and living; proven techniques to decrease the risk of Type 2.
In addition to reducing his blood sugar level and losing weight, Tariq has found that his new healthy lifestyle, which includes swimming twice a week, has also positively impacted his heightened cholesterol level.
Type 2 diabetes is a very serious health condition. You are two to six times more likely to develop it if you have a parent, brother, sister or child with diabetes and are also more at risk if you’re Chinese, African-Caribbean, Black-African, or South Asian, like Tariq.
“Changing little things, like the oils used for cooking and incorporating more greens in my meals has been simple to implement,” Tariq continues. “It’s been really interesting to learn about the impact of sugars on the body and Jake has been brilliant at encouraging everyone in the group. It’s good to hear other people’s experiences and share tips.
“The programme has made me realise that I have the time to stop this threat in its tracks and I’m feeling better and better along the way.”
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