Offenders on probation get new support to kick drug and alcohol habits

29 Sep 2022

Men whose dependency on drugs or alcohol has led them to crime are to be given extra help to control their addictions and turn their lives around following the launch of a new service in North Yorkshire, West Yorkshire, Cleveland and Durham, with an imminent launch in Northumbria.

Aimed at people on probation, the Dependency and Recovery service will support men aged 18+ from those who have had a sustained period of abstinence to those with chronic alcohol or substance misuse issues and chaotic lifestyles. It covers other issues linked to re-offending including chemsex – group sexual activity fuelled by stimulant drugs. The service, provided by Ingeus in conjunction with the Probation Service, will encourage participants to increase belief in their ability to manage or quit addiction, to understand the triggers that lead them to use drugs and alcohol, to improve their physical health and mental resilience, to comply with treatment and programmes, and to understand how to avoid or deal with any relapses.

The service, funded by the Ministry of Justice, is delivered by Ingeus, in conjunction with Probation Service offices, and in partnership with charity Humankind. Humankind supports people with complex health and social needs including specialist substance misuse services.  Among those helping participants on their recovery journey will be people who have faced similar issues and been on probation. They will provide mentoring support as part of a wraparound service that will see Recovery Navigators guide the men through the programme, including access to treatment services.

Jeanette Williamson, Head of Programme Delivery for Ingeus, said: “There is a strong link between substance misuse and offending behaviour so this new service will bring benefits not just to the participants themselves but to the communities in which they live.

“Many of our staff have lived experience of probation and similar services so can relate to the people they are helping and understand their needs.”

“We are aiming to help participants to live productive and fulfilling lives and to put their former substance dependence and offending lifestyles behind them.”

The Dependency and Recovery service builds on Ingeus’s experience of providing education, training and employment, accommodation, and personal wellbeing programmes as part of the Ministry of Justice’s Commissioned Rehabilitative Services.

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