Top tips on dealing with stress and anxiety around exam results

24 Aug 2022

With results day fast approaching for GCSEs, you might be feeling stressed and anxious about what lies ahead.

It’s more important than ever to look after yourself during this period to keep those feelings at bay. Check out our top tips for looking after your wellbeing:

Get some exercise – Getting active is a huge stress reliever. Whether it’s going for a walk or going to the gym, getting your body moving will help you feel more relaxed.

Distract yourself with things you enjoy – Read a book, watch your favourite film or TV show, socialise with your friends… Do whatever it is that makes you feel happy and calm. Exams aren’t everything and it’s important to take your mind off them and enjoy yourself.

Talk to others – Remember that you’re not alone. There are thousands of young people across the country feeling the same as you, including your peers at school. Talk to people about how you’re feeling and speak to your teachers if you need extra support with your options following results day. Don’t suffer in silence!

Get plenty of sleep – Getting enough sleep will help to reduce stress and improve your mood, so you’ll feel more equipped to deal with anxiety around exam results. Try getting into a good routine – go to sleep and wake up at the same time each day.

Remember that your results don’t define you If you don’t get the results you want, it doesn’t mean you won’t be successful in whatever you choose to do. There are so many ways to achieve your career goals and ambitions. Take a look at our blog on the best options after leaving school.

Plan something after your results – Put something in the diary with friends or family after your results to give you something to look forward to.

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