Where do I belong? – A podcast on being mixed-race

10 Oct 2021

Mixed-race is the fastest-growing ethnic group in the UK and is where a person’s background is made up of two or more different ethnicities. 

Although there’s advantages in being exposed to multiple cultures, being mixed race also comes with challenges and complications, as people often feel pressured to identify with one race more than the other. It’s very common for mixed race people to be perceived as either black or white, rather than both.

In this podcast, Eudene Griffith, Employability Trainer and Race Lead within the Diversity and Inclusion team, and Gemma Heywood, Employment Psychologist, share their experience of being mixed-race women.

They describe the confusion surrounding their identity as teenagers, being teased at school for their “fuzzy” hair and how they’ve learnt to reconcile, embrace, and adore their dual heritage as they’ve grown older.

Listen to the podcast "Where do I belong?" on YouTube.

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