Ingeus to help more people into work through new government universal support programme

13 Sep 2023
From the 13th September, Ingeus will be providing new support to help out of work long-term sick and disabled people who face barriers to employment.

This is part of the first phase of the Universal Support employment programme announced in the government’s Spring Budget. The new scheme – Work and Health Programme Pioneer – will introduce participants to suitable employers based on their preferences, strengths and any lessons learned from previous work experience, to ensure they find a job that is right for them.    
They will then receive wraparound in-work support provided by a personal adviser in person and online as they start and sustain employment, which may include debt advice or help with networking or housing. 

Understanding that everyone faces different challenges in finding and thriving in work is key. Regardless of disability, health conditions, lack of experience, family, housing, or financial worries, Pioneer’s focus on practical, ongoing support will help people make informed choices and quickly move into a role that’s right for them. Ingeus’s extensive experience in helping people develop their confidence, skills and employability is matched with an unsurpassed partner network of flexible employers ready and able to do the right thing and find the right fit for their vacancies. Up to 15 months’ guidance, and six months’ in-work support is offered by Ingeus – free of charge to participants, referral organisations and recruiting employers.

“We believe everyone should be offered the chance to work and is capable of great things with the right support and encouragement. Pioneer will enable us to reach and help people who may feel that work is unachievable for them,” says Julie Graham, CEO of Employment Services for Ingeus. 

“We will help people to combat problems currently keeping them from employment, find the right role and employer for them, and offer the all-important wraparound support to sustain employment in the long term. We’re excited to offer this extra level of Work and Health Programme support to people who need it most.”

Ingeus delivers Work and Health Programme Pioneer – in the North West of England, Greater Manchester and Central and West London. 

Individuals, family members, students, retirees, family carers, local charities, community organisations, Jobcentre Plus colleagues, and recruiting employers are encouraged to opt-in. Contact for further information or visit: for Greater Manchester for Central London for North West England 

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