Employment Advisors in NHS Talking Therapies

Employment Advisors in NHS Talking Therapies

The Employment Advisors in NHS Talking Therapies service supports clients who are accessing Talking Therapies and who also have employment needs that could be preventing them from returning to, staying in or finding work.

In Derbyshire and Newham, Ingeus delivers the EA in Talking Therapies service, enabling combined mental health treatment and employment support for Talking Therapies clients.

What we offer

Employment Advisors in NHS Talking Therapies deliver a personalised employment service that works alongside a client's therapy treatment plan. This could include:

  • Advice and support in liaising with employers to help them understand individuals needs in work.
  • Support to find the sort of work that individual clients want to do. 
  • A tailored action plan that puts clients in control of their future in work.
  • Help with CV writing, cover letters and job applications.
  • Tips and advice on how to best job search to find the right job.
  • Ongoing assistance and guidance when starting or returning to work.

In Derby and Derbyshire, Ingeus delivers the Employment Advisors in Talking Therapies service in partnership with Everyturn Mental Health, Talking Mental Health Derbyshire, Trent PTS and Vita Minds

In Newham, Ingeus delivers Employment Advisors in Newham Talking Therapies on behalf of the East London Foundation Trust