Holly Gallacher

Holly Gallacher, National Youth Voice Ambassador, Southeast

My name is Holly, I’m 21, and I’m currently enrolled in a Humanities Foundation year at the University of East Anglia with a side course for British Sign Language. Next year I will study Japanese and Spanish and will get to go abroad to Japan for a year which I am very excited about. Alongside languages I love reading and photography as well as filming and editing videos that I share online. Another hobby of mine is writing letters to my grandparents. I have a rare disease called Scheuermann’s Idiopathic Hyperkyphosis. I have had four spinal surgeries, which will possibly become five in the future.

Why did you join Ingeus Youth Voice?

I have been a Youth Voice Ambassador with Ingeus for over a year now and wanted to continue because I always feel so motivated at the meetings, which helps me fulfil my love and passion for social action and bringing people together. Also, as someone who was positively impacted by the National Citizen Service (NCS) and then the Regional Youth Board - being able to contribute and give back to young people means a lot to me.