Nikola Saladiak

Nikola Saladiak, Regional Youth Voice Ambassador, South West

My name is Nikola, I'm 16 and originally I'm from Poland but now live in Taunton in the south-west. From September I will be studying biology and chemistry in college. I'm really passionate about animals and have a gorgeous border collie, who I've begged for my whole entire life until my parents finally gave in 2 years ago. I really enjoy reading and my favourite book is most likely a book by a Polish author Olga Tokarczuk called Drive Your Plough Over The Bones Of The Dead which is a line from a poem by William Blake.

Why did you join Ingeus Youth Voice?

I joined Ingeus because I believe want to make a difference on the world that we all live in. I want to be the person that advocates for those who can't do it for themselves and provide them with the voice that they deserve. I believe that youth voice is the perfect opportunity to learn and grow as a young person.