Rhiannon Earl-O'Regan

Rhiannon Earl-O'Regan, National Youth Voice Ambassador, West Midlands

My name is Rhiannon, I’m 18, and I’m currently studying Fine Art, Product Design, Maths, and Further Maths at Sixth Form. I love to go to the gym, and I really like to paint/draw even outside of my A-Levels (a little fact about me, I can paint/draw with both hands!). My hobbies also include martial arts, especially Kungfu, which I’m hoping to soon start competing in. I also love to build things like maquettes and prototypes of my projects. I’m also vegan and have been now for three years.

Why did you join Ingeus Youth Voice?

I became a Youth Voice Ambassador to give a voice to the younger generation and change our world to include and appreciate everyone for who they are. Also, to influence people to volunteer more and give back to our community. I bring responsibility and the ability to work in a team or independently.