Shakiratu Iddrisu

Shakiratu Iddrisu , Regional Youth Voice Ambassador, West Midlands

My name is Shakira, I'm 16 years old and I'm thrilled to be starting my journey towards a law degree at university. Reading has been my passion since I was little, and I can't wait to dive into the world of English Literature, History, Chemistry, and Biology for my A-levels. Alongside my academic pursuits, I absolutely adore playing volleyball; it brings me so much joy and helps me build great connections with others.

Why did you join Ingeus Youth Voice?

I decided to join the youth club because I wanted to explore different interests and connect with like-minded individuals. Being a part of the club provided me with a platform to learn and grow, not only academically but also in teamwork. The emphasis on cultural exchange and travel excited me, as I wanted to expand my horizons and gain a broader perspective on the world. Joining the youth club will be a rewarding experience, allowing me to discover new passions and build meaningful friendships within a supportive community.