The Restart Scheme combines Becky’s two dreams into one new job

12 Dec 2021
Becky Patton was unemployed for 16 years after struggling to find work due to her disabilities. Her dream jobs were working with animals or as a cleaner. Now she has a role combining both loves, thanks to the Restart Scheme, delivered by Ingeus.
Becky, aged 33, from Radcliffe in Greater Manchester, was referred to the Restart Scheme by her Work Coach at Jobcentre Plus in Bury. The new government programme provides jobseekers with advice, employability support, and access to local jobs; while employers benefit from fee-free recruitment services.
Becky, who has dyslexia, anxiety, an eye condition, and a damaged right hand, began working with Ingeus Restart Adviser Gail Coupe.
“I wasn’t comfortable doing certain roles, I wanted a job where I could be myself, no rules or demands that might trigger my anxiety,” said Becky. “Gail is caring and encouraging, supportive and patient, and understands my needs. She suggested lots of support like confidence workshops and CV building.”
And within a week, Gail found Becky a job as a cleaner at a local pet store.
“I wanted a job working with animals or as a cleaner, so this is perfect – I get to see the rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, gerbils and fish while working hard,” added Becky. “Life has really turned around; I feel chuffed to have a job and very grateful to Gail.”
Becky has also been helped by other specialists on the Ingeus team including Hayley Newby who organised a weekly bus fare to work for her, and financial advisor Alec Warburton. “Alec was very helpful, super nice and kind – we completed a benefit calculation together and this helped me to understand my options,” recalled Becky.
Becky, who is still seeing Gail for monthly in-work support, praised the Restart Scheme. “The process has been brilliant, it has been an epic experience which I have loved,” she enthused. “I am amazed at how well and fast this all went and I am really enjoying my new job.”
Commissioned by the Department for Work and Pensions, Ingeus is the lead provider of the Restart Scheme in Greater Manchester and Central and West London. It also partners with Serco, to support the Restart Scheme in Central West Midlands.
Find out more about the Restart Scheme.

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