Case Study

A tale of two Scotts

4 Jul 2024

The Scott of 10 years ago was quick to judge and easily angered, a ticking timebomb of frustrations and unresolved mental health challenges. When his unmanaged emotions overtook, his first criminal conviction and time on probation followed.

For the husband and father from Nottinghamshire, getting emotional wellbeing help from Ingeus’ Commissioned Rehabilitative Services has meant the world to him and his family. Keen to acknowledge the transformational support he’s received; a considered and grateful Scott says: ‘We’re very thankful’.

Knowing his past-self needed help, Scott’s first positive move was to request counselling which led him, via probation, to the Ingeus Justice team. Referred to the personal wellbeing service, the aim was to help him learn new skills to cope more positively with life’s challenges, and to address and improve his mental health. Working with Ingeus Personal Wellbeing Advisor Imran proved to be a turning point:

“I came to meet some fantastic people and have since then progressed immensely I think in many, many ways through the guidance of a lovely man called Imran,” says Scott. 
Imran too rebuilt his life after a past marred by two prison sentences. He’s now an experienced member of the Ingeus justice team, able to professionally empathise with and guide people on probation:

“My story is proof that your past doesn’t have to define your future, and it’s a story I share freely with the people I’m proud to be able to help at work,” he says. “We identified that Scott would benefit from some face to face, one to one time with myself where we looked at triggers, and a confidence and motivation session which looked at improving his belief and consequential thinking methods. From that moment onwards, I could see progression every week.”

For ‘major success story’ Scott, it has delivered a new outlook on life, and the opportunity to follow in Imran’s footsteps as a volunteer peer mentor, supporting qualified staff in their work with others on probation.  

“Personal wellbeing has taught me there are people out there that will help you,” adds Scott. 

“I've now come to a place where my first thought is not to anger. My first thought is not to judgement. It's helped me manage conflicts as well. Overall, very grateful. Absolutely. 

“I would recommend Ingeus for several reasons as it has helped me and my family. It's engendered my ability to perform as I should be, as a human being, as a father, as a husband. Without being overly soft here, it’s meant a lot. It’s given me a lot and just simply a big thank you to Imran.”

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