Commissioned Rehabilitative Services

A holistic approach to helping people on probation

Commissioned Rehabilitative Services are part of the Ministry of Justice’s probation system and provide flexible, responsive services to help break the cycle of reoffending. They are delivered by expert organisations at a local and regional level to provide tailored support and address areas of need associated with reoffending.

Ingeus delivers Commissioned Rehabilitative Services (CRS) in partnership with the probation service and our partners to support and enable successful rehabilitation. We believe a holistic approach is essential to helping people to improve their lives. People can enter the criminal justice system for all kinds of reasons but with the right support they can put the past behind them and become valued members of society.

Our team works closely with people to offer guidance and support as well as practical help to break down any barriers to rehabilitation. 

We deliver CRS in five service areas:

  • Accommodation services support people to find/sustain accommodation and prevent homelessness.
  • Education, Training and Employment to support people secure and sustain suitable employment, training and education; removing barriers and increasing skills. 
  • Personal Wellbeing services covering social inclusion, lifestyle and associates, family & significant others, and emotional well-being; tailored support to enable People on Probation to build stronger, healthier relationships, improve wellbeing, develop their confidence and successfully integrate into communities.
  • Finance, Benefits and Debt services to help people overcome barriers to financial security, including low incomes, debt, disrupted access to benefits and insufficient income.
  • Dependency and Recovery services to provide a broad range of substance misuse and addiction related support for a range of complex needs. 

Peer mentoring

Our peer mentoring scheme is central to all of our justice services. This scheme quickly establishes a strong rapport with people in prison or on probation, earning their trust and providing a true sense of empathy due to their own experiences of the justice system. This also allows opportunities to the Peer Mentors themselves and supports them on their own journey.

What we do in numbers

In our first year delivering CRS, we helped more than 8,000 people transform their lives! We supported 2,061 people with accommodation services; 2,687 people with education, training and employment; and 3,863 people with personal wellbeing services. From Autumn 2022, we will start delivery of Dependency and Recovery, and Finance, Benefit & Debts services too. 

CRS transform the lives of people on probation, including their families, friends and loved ones. By supporting people to break down any barriers to their successful rehabilitation, we are helping to make our communities safer.

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