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Ed praises adaptation of Ingeus training for neurodiverse employees

7 Dec 2023

One of the perks of working at Ingeus is the training offered to all staff through its Continuous Improvement Academy (CIA). To celebrate the CI Academy’s first birthday, our Agents of Change series meets another valued team member who has benefitted. Ed Wild is Team Manager for the Work and Health Programme in the North West, and proud Diversity and Inclusion Lead at Ingeus.

Ed Wild understands colleagues could be hesitant about taking on extra training if they are neurodivergent or have learning difficulties. Yet having seen at first-hand how Ingeus’s CI Academy has adapted the studies around his own needs, he would urge everyone to give it a go.

The free accredited learning in Lean Six Sigma methodology, gives employees skills needed to deliver continuous improvement via different levels known as belts. Having completed his White Belt training, Ed, who manages a team of employability key workers delivering the Work and Health Programme in the North West, wanted to reach Yellow Belt level.

“I wanted to learn the theories which would help to improve our projects, decision making and performance, identify weaknesses and deliver a better service,” said Ed.

With the support of his manager, he attended monthly group sessions alongside
personal study and learning.

“Because I am neurodivergent, concepts can be difficult to comprehend and it can be harder for me to remember information,” he added. “The Academy has been very supportive, flexible and professional. They have explained things in a different way to help me to understand.

“The course was adapted for me. For example, due to my dyslexia, voiceovers were added to some of the material and I was given more time to work through the stages.

“The Academy has worked hard to ensure someone who is neurodivergent can have the same successful outcome as everyone else.”

Since the training, Ed has been promoted from key worker to team manager.

“The training helped to prepare me for the role and the mindset and focus that a leader needs,” he added.

Ed didn’t open up to employers about his challenges until he started at Ingeus four years ago. The company has helped boost his confidence with encouragement and support and assisted practically with equipment, software and technology. He is now pleased to be the company’s Diversity and Inclusion Lead.

“If anyone is interested in doing this training, it is really important to reach out, even if they have concerns related to being neurodivergent,” he said. “The Academy is exceptional in being flexible, supporting everyone and making it happen.”

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