Ingeus helps boosts Eds' confidence at work

6 May 2022

From the participants we work with daily, to the talented and diverse teams we employ, Ingeus prides itself on supporting inclusion in all its forms. Here we speak with Ingeus staff member Ed Wild, whose confidence at work has soared after opening up about his dyslexia and dyspraxia....

Ed Wild struggled at school without help until, at the age of 12, a teacher believed in him and helped him turn his life around. 

The 34-year-old response key worker from Preston feels the same way about joining Ingeus three years ago: “Ingeus has been like that teacher, the person who gave me the opportunity to succeed,” said Ed.

It wasn't until he'd left school that Ed discovered he had dyslexia and dyspraxia. But he chose not to tell his former employers.

“I didn't want to open up about it, I felt embarrassed and didn't want to be treated differently or looked down on,” he said.

He felt like a weight had lifted when he started at Ingeus: “I made them aware of the challenges I have and they were full of encouragement and support,” he remembered. “I’ve been provided with equipment, software and technology to help me manage my dyslexia. I still have struggles, but Ingeus has given me the confidence to manage them.

“Most importantly they have provided me with the self-belief that I am capable and valued.”

The married father-of-two is proud to be part of Ingeus’s active diversity and inclusion group

“I see things differently so sometimes don't follow what people are saying at work,” he added. “Also I have quite poor working memory and when I get anxious or stressed it gets really bad like a mind block.
“My colleagues are supportive and understanding and have adapted what they do to support me and performance-wise I'm doing really well. I'm so grateful to Ingeus and so glad to work here.”


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