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Computer whizz Preet is streets ahead

20 Mar 2023

She thrives on a challenge and is always eager to try new things – and this positive, can-do attitude has truly paid off for Gurpreet Kaur. The IT specialist, known as Preet, joined Ingeus in Birmingham in August 2018 as a service desk analyst, and quickly made her mark. In less than two years, she was promoted to team leader.

With 15 years’ experience in the IT industry, it’s clear Preet is passionate about her work. “I have a Master’s degree in computer science and I was really keen on IT from the beginning,” she explains. “I like the challenge and using my skills to make people’s jobs easier and more productive.”

Preet began her journey as an IT network analyst for an IT services provider and went on to join a law company, working as a first-and-second line analyst. She carried out some contract work after leaving the law firm in 2015 but a big life change was coming. When Preet became pregnant, she took a career break to enjoy some family time with her husband and new baby boy.

“When my son was 15 months old, I started looking for IT roles but it was not easy because the industry is always changing and you have to keep up-to-date,” says Preet, who lives in Birmingham. She struggled to find a suitable job until a friend told her about an opening at Ingeus and offered to forward her CV to the manager. Preet got the job as IT service desk analyst and quickly adjusted to life as a busy working mum.

“I worked with some amazing people,” says Preet. “I was always raising my hand to work on different processes to try to improve things and in less than two years I became the IT service desk team leader.”

Keeping on top of the ever-changing world of IT is no mean feat. “The biggest challenge is keeping up with the speed of digital transformation and setting clear goals and objectives, but I like a challenge and solving problems,” says Preet.

Since September 2021, Preet has been tasked with working on a new platform called ServiceNow to make processes more efficient and cost-effective. ServiceNow is a cloud portal and uses a ticketing system to log and resolve any IT issues that might be affecting Ingeus colleagues. After putting herself forward for the project, Preet undertook a ServiceNow Junior developer professional course as well as coding courses to enhance her knowledge. Since joining Ingeus, Preet has also achieved ITIL Foundation certification.

As the business lead on the implementation of ServiceNow, Preet had to work closely with different stakeholders across the company to discuss their requirements. Since the platform was built, she has been the main point of contact for anything related to ServiceNow and has provided training to all areas of the business.

The introduction of the portal coincides with a new vision for the IT team. Although the team is split into different groups, they all come together under a new name, idigital. “The IT team encompasses different departments but idigital is about simplifying the processes and for me ServiceNow is just the start, making processes easier for end users as well as the IT team,” says Preet.

Preet currently has ten people on her team, including two other women in a traditionally male-dominated field. There is strong camaraderie and a great sense of team spirit which Preet enjoys. She likes to mentor and train her team, taking a hands-on approach.

“I am really lucky to have such a lovely team and to have that bond with them,” Preet continues. “Likewise, if I have any issues I know I can go to my manager straight away. It’s about building relationships and it all starts with being open and trusting each other.”

On a typical day, the whole IT team attends a morning meeting to discuss any problems they might be struggling with. These can then be addressed, and any further challenges dealt with.

“We start the day hoping all will run smoothly but every day in the IT industry is different,” says Preet. “When a system goes down you must react quickly, speak to the relevant teams and check the situation. Then you provide updates and send regular communications to the user and deal with the teams who help fix the problem. This is challenging but when you’re in IT, it’s your day-to-day job.”

Preet is grateful to have been given the opportunity to develop her career at Ingeus and learn new skills. “Ingeus has helped me a lot. Since I joined, I’ve been climbing the ladder, and management has been very supportive. I always get the help and support from my project manager and fellow colleagues. They have been great mentors throughout my career journey.”

Finally, Preet has some advice for anyone else who might be interested in a career in IT. She says: “If you have recently started a career action plan, focus on improving your IT skills first because it is one of the most diverse fields, combining technical knowledge with a love for innovation. If you improve your IT skills, you can enhance your job prospects.”

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