I lost my mojo due to the pandemic but now I feel like a champion

1 Nov 2022
Aaron has achieved a personal best by overcoming his own mental health issues to launch a fitness training business and he believes the support of Ingeus through its Work and Health programme and, later, the Restart Scheme has been vital in helping him find his mojo and face the future with renewed optimism.

Thirty-one-year-old Aaron from Stockport had worked in customer service, property management, sales and as a stores assistant before beginning a course to become a personal trainer in 2019.

Then along came the pandemic and his plans – and his mental health – were thrown off track. He says: “I was diagnosed with severe anxiety and mild to medium depression by doctors, brought on by the pandemic and past experiences.”

But being referred to Ingeus proved to be the turning point in his life.
“I was supported through the lockdowns and then given the motivation to complete my personal trainer course and all the encouragement I needed to launch my own business,” he says.

“I was given financial support, particularly with marketing through flyers, t-shirts and a website.”

Aaron hand-delivered leaflets, took to social media and held welcome parties, with the result Gedz Gainz began holding its first group fitness sessions in July.

He adds: “I’ve been interested in personal fitness for about seven years and have felt the benefits on my own mental health. Now I’m looking forward to helping people along their own wellbeing journeys.

“I’m in the best mental health of my life and enjoying pushing my new business. 

“The support of Ingeus has helped me to dream bigger, even though I am only just getting started. I am looking to get involved with local gyms, make fitness videos and work with schools

“My family was worried I had no direction but now are at ease and can enjoy their retirement.  

“But most importantly I'm doing what makes me happy and earning money for it.”

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