Jaspal sets sights on helping others

21 Dec 2022
Former offender Jaspal was going through a difficult time. He had mental and physical health problems and was taking drugs. The substance misuse was causing turmoil as it put him at odds with his religious faith. He needed support to change his life for the better – and that’s where Ingeus was able to help.
Working with charity partners and the probation service, Ingeus delivers Commissioned Rehabilitative Services to help ex-offenders settle back into their communities. Support with personal wellbeing is one of the services on offer to help remove any obstacles to rehabilitation. Dedicated mentors offer sympathetic advice and practical support to help ex-offenders address any problems that may be holding them back.

Jaspal’s mentor was Amy Harding, personal wellbeing adviser for Ingeus in the West Midlands. Jaspal engaged well with Amy and attended every appointment, which enabled him to benefit fully from her support. She helped secure bus passes for Jaspal so that he could get out and about more and enjoy walks as a coping mechanism for his mental health. 

During his discussions with Amy, Jaspal expressed a passion for helping others. This is now being put into practice, as Jaspal has been referred to the peer mentoring academy at Ingeus. It means he will use his lived experience of the criminal justice system to help other people with their rehabilitation. Jaspal is also volunteering through the courts and has got a place lined up at university in September. 

It’s not been an easy ride for Jaspal but he now has much to look forward to. He’s settled back in at home and is no longer taking drugs. Jaspal is grateful to Amy for helping him find his way towards a better life. He says: “It provides me with hope that although I struggle with my mental health, have a physical disability, and have spent time in prison, I do not have to let these things hold me back. 

“Having one-to-one interaction with my wellbeing adviser gives me regular opportunities to meet up with her, update her on my progress and give her the opportunity to help me in areas that I am struggling with.”

As part of the CRS contract, Ingeus delivers personal wellbeing services in the East Midlands (Derbyshire, Leicestershire, Nottinghamshire), West Midlands (Staffordshire, Warwickshire), Yorkshire and the Humber (West Yorkshire, Humberside) and the North East (Northumbria).

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