Case Study

Nurse Marlo is back helping others

2 May 2023
After leaving her job just before the Covid pandemic struck, mental health and substance misuse nurse Marlo Webster struggled to find employment despite more than 20 years’ experience.

The 42-year-old from East London had left her role helping people with addictions, intending to join an agency and find work nearer to home.

But Covid hit and apart from a spell working for the NHS’s Track and Trace programme, she remained unemployed and ‘deflated’.

She was referred by Jobcentre Plus to the CLW WHP JETS programme, delivered by Ingeus across London. It sees employability coaches help people in receipt of Universal Credit find work, through support and online training.

Marlo was delighted to see that Ingeus helps people from a range of backgrounds.
“It isn’t just people who have not worked who benefit from these services,” said Marlo. 
“It’s also people wanting to change career, people who need to get out of a rut who might not be feeling themselves or who need a bit of time to move on.”

Marlo used the Ingeus iWorks online platform and found its personalised package of tools really valuable, including a CV reviewer and job interview help. She used Interview360, which allows people to practise their interview technique and get instant feedback.
Ingeus also funded a Motivational Interviewing (MI) course for her, which teaches a counselling style that she has already been able to use in her new job.

Marlo’s employment coach was Nadia Osho-Williams.

“Nadia provided exceptional advice, she had a non-judgemental, professional yet affable and empathetic manner which helped to reignite hope that I would find a suitable job to fit my needs,” said Marlo.

Marlo is thrilled to now have a job with a mental health support agency. She started as a care coordinator in early intervention and psychosis, working with young and adult clients experiencing their first psychotic episode. And she is already moving to a new role with the agency nearer home – with a community mental health team assessing people aged 18 and over who are referred.

“I really feel empowered after being on the JETS programme,” added Marlo, who likes art and makes jewellery in her spare time. “I felt listened to at every stage, they delivered empathetic help from the first telephone call. Now I’m back in work, contented and truly grateful for the support from JETS.”

The JETS programme’s full name is Central London Works, Work and Health Programme Job Entry Targeted Support (CLW WHP JETS) and is managed by Central London Forward to help residents in Central London who have been affected by the pandemic.

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