Case Study

Pilot project generates work opportunities

8 Jun 2021
A pilot project between Ingeus and APCOA Parking, an international company with an operating base in Wigan, is creating work opportunities for local jobseekers.
Ingeus’ Working Well (Work and Health Programme) in Greater Manchester provides tailored support to individuals with disabilities and health conditions who are seeking employment.
The project generated a job opportunity for Ingeus participant John Gaskell who is delighted to be working as an administration assistant – his first paid role since being made redundant two years ago from his work at a large retail store.
“Our company has not worked with Ingeus before,” said Kevin Sumner-Hindley, Contract Manager in Wigan with APCOA Parking. “Engagement with the programme has been very professional and we have received all the advice we needed to be able to offer a job to John.”
The Working Well (Work and Health Programme) is an initiative commissioned by the Greater Manchester Combined Authority and receives support from the European Social Fund.
Ingeus’ Sharon McGarvey, Employer Services Account Manager in Wigan, arranged for APCOA Parking to provide work-experience sessions for four weeks to illustrate the range of opportunities available to Ingeus participants.
John, 41, successfully completed his assignment and was offered his new role undertaking office administration and cleaning duties. 
“Ingeus has really supported me in my search for work,” explained John, who lives with his family in Wigan. “They looked at my skills and Sharon gave me such confidence as I prepared for my interview. I am delighted that I was offered a contract afterwards.
“Life has not always been easy for me, especially when I was at school. I have a learning problem that I manage, but I need extra time sometimes to understand new information.
“Everyone has been so helpful and I’m really enjoying my job. I just love to keep busy and when I am not working in the office, I volunteer two days a week at a charity shop.”
Kevin Sumner-Hindley added: “It is important to be inclusive and have a diverse workforce. I have a speech impediment and when I was a child, I attended a school that provided specialist support.
“I joined APCOA Parking 14 years ago and I have progressed within the company, which has fully supported me whatever my individual requirements have been. We want all our employees to be able to work well and develop their careers.”

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