Nick is glad to be back

17 May 2024

With three Masters degrees, executive leadership qualifications, and a lengthy list of high profile marketing roles to his name, you’d think Nicholas would have his pick of the jobs market. Yet when his previous contract role ended, he found himself unemployed and facing ‘the hardest 15 months of my life’ searching for roles in a sector that had changed unrecognisably through the pandemic. More than 450 job applications later and with the team effort of Ingeus in Wandsworth, he’s delighted to be back, embarking on his next trailblazing role.   

Now the Senior Director for Growth and Performance Marketing at a global entertainment producer, Nick spent his first week back at work understanding the requirements of different markets around the world – certainly a world away from his frustrating job seeking days. 

It was an untypical set of circumstances that contributed to Nick’s difficulties in finding work. As senior marketing roles moved abroad or to short-term contracts after the pandemic, Nick, who is divorced and has two children, needed to fund two mortgages. As a 47-year old applying for positions in an industry dominated by young colleagues, the obstacles stacked up.  

“It’s the toughest job market I’ve known in 20 years,” says Nick, who is from Putney. “I saw vacancies receive hundreds of applications within an hour of being published, or the same vacancies being repeatedly recycled. Genuine opportunities for me, even if I took a 50% pay cut, were few and far between. I spent my life savings keeping my family afloat and just tried my best to stay focussed. Daily exercise helped, as did taking any relevant free online courses I could find to keep my skills up to date.” 

By October 2023, Nick had unsuccessfully applied for more than 450 jobs and was referred by Jobcentre Plus to Ingeus and the Restart Scheme. A Department for Work and Pensions programme, it provides employability support, delivered by expert advisors, for jobseekers struggling to gain employment.  

Nick was soon benefitting from help given by Restart Advisor, Hussein; Operations Lead, Benitta; and Executive Career Coach, Clare. Together they improved Nick’s CV, more-closely targeted his job search, encouraged networking to unearth potential vacancies, and funded Nick’s membership of the Marketing Society and online training in Artificial Intelligence in Business – both important in demonstrating professional, high-level marketing skills. 

“Being able to demonstrate recent, relevant upskilling definitely helped clinch my new job,” continues Nick, who went through a seven-stage, three-month long interview process to get the high level position. 

“I had so much practical and emotional help from everyone at Ingeus. They helped me stay focussed and not get swamped in the inevitable self-doubt that comes from being unemployed. The regularity of our appointments helped me keep my foot on the gas and I met so many inspiring people in the Ingeus workshops. It all helped to keep me motivated and my confidence up in what was undoubtedly the hardest 15 months of my life. I’m truly thankful for that unfailing support and am so grateful to be back.  

“I love the buzz and energy of this industry and can continue to build the professional and personal life I’ve always worked toward.” 

Restart Scheme

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