Caring nature pays off for Rachel

28 Jun 2023
At 52, Rachel had been out of work for the best part of eight years. A former childcare professional, she was eager to return to the field – but getting a job was proving impossible. Rachel, from Wigan, was referred to the Restart Scheme, delivered by Ingeus in Greater Manchester, for extra help to find employment.
When Rachel signed up to the scheme, she already had her hands full as a devoted grandmother-of-two. Rachel’s daughter, who runs her own business, relies on her mum for help to look after her one-year-old baby girl. This meant that Rachel needed to find a job with flexibility to allow her to continue her childcare duties.
The Restart Scheme was set up by the Government to help people get back to work after the pandemic. Ingeus delivers the Restart Scheme as the prime provider in Greater Manchester and Central and West London, and on behalf of Serco in the Central West Midlands region.
Restart Advisor Ibby helped Rachel with interview techniques and put her in touch with a teachers’ agency. Rachel then veered off the childcare path when she discovered a role with a home care services provider and had an informal chat with the company at Wigan Jobcentre Plus. This spurred her on to apply for the job – with Ibby’s support.
“Ibby helped me to complete the application form and organise references, and I went for the interview,” says Rachel. “I was a nervous wreck because I hadn’t had an interview for three or four years. I got through the first part, then went out shadowing with carers, and I completed that too, I was so proud of myself. I completed training and started work.”
Rachel’s role involves travelling to people’s homes and providing personal care. She works 16 hours a week and can fit the time around her childcare responsibilities. “I’ve been doing it for a few weeks now and I’m absolutely loving it,” says Rachel. Her job involves a plethora of tasks, from making drinks and administering medication, to providing personal care and helping clients get ready for bed. “It’s compassionate care, so I’ll be chatting and talking to them while I’m there,” says Rachel. “It’s very tiring and quite physical but I’ve learned so much, and I’ve had a lot of great feedback saying ‘the clients love you’, even though I’ve never done this before.”
Rachel couldn’t be more grateful to the Restart Scheme and Ibby for helping her to get back on track. She says: “Ibby’s been absolutely fantastic, I love him. He was always there for me no matter what, even after I got the job. He was really helpful and boosted my confidence and made me feel good about myself.”
Ibby adds: “I could tell from the very first meeting with Rachel that she was destined for great things. She was very reserved but also very well spoken. The experience that she had and the initiative that she showed for wanting to work spoke for itself. I am so proud of Rachel and the journey she has been on during her time on Restart.”
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