Case Study

Darren’s driven to succeed

25 Mar 2024
Forty-five-year-old Darren is determined to turn his life around. Pivotal to his success in doing this – and in achieving his ultimate goal of gaining custody of his young daughter – is securing permanent employment. Realising he needed extra support to help him kickstart his journey, he sought support from Ingeus.

Darren was referred by his local Jobcentre Plus to Response Keyworker Ashley in the Ingeus Working Well (Work and Health Programme) team in Greater Manchester. Offering tailored support to individuals with disabilities and health conditions who are seeking employment, the programme – commissioned by Greater Manchester Combined Authority – provided Darren with the support he needed.

Darren, from Middleton, knew his anxiety and dyscalculia could be barriers to him securing a new job. Too much was at stake, though, for them to hold him back.

He explains, “I’m an over-thinker and a worrier, and my anxiety always gets in the way. Ashley has helped me in the past with finding work and I knew I needed his help this time too. I’m going for custody of my daughter and I’m putting mine and her needs first.”

Darren’s dyscalculia means that he often needs someone to explain things more than once – something which has become an issue in work before. Ashley was able to ring the agency Darren is now working for ahead of him starting to explain Darren’s concerns.

“I needed someone to understand me,” says Darren, “and he helped to explain that I am a keen worker and it’s not a lack of confidence. People can get frustrated with me because I don’t grasp things straight away. Ashley was really good at reassuring me that it wouldn’t be a problem.”

As well as supporting his anxiety, Ashley also helped with financial assistance in finding and starting his job – from bus fares to funding work books.

Darren is now working full time as a driver’s mate – helping to load and unload van deliveries. It’s a job he sourced but he realises it wouldn’t have been such a positive outcome without Ashley’s support.

“Ashley is a brilliant guy,” he says. “He’s very understanding and reassuring. I’m so thankful for everything he did for me. And I’m so pleased I’m on the road to getting my daughter back.”

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