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4 Dec 2020
Arlene Todd, an Ingeus Employer Account Manager with the Work and Health Programme in the North West, has developed a successful employment seeking approach that has generated job opportunities with two local companies for more than 30 Ingeus clients, many with extensive experiences of being out of work.
The companies are Floorbrite, a commercial cleaning and facilities management business based in Accrington and Studio Catalogue, a mail order company in Sale, Greater Manchester.
Arlene believes her success can be attributed to her passion to deliver the best outcomes for people accessing employment support with Ingeus, coupled with developing transparent and productive relationships that have helped her gain a clear insight into the recruitment requirements of each employer.
“Developing relationships with employers based on trust, takes time,” said Arlene. “As an account manager, I make sure that I understand how their business operates and the work opportunities that are available for Ingeus clients, some of whom will be managing health conditions.
“I want to achieve the best for each person in their search for work; ensure that they have the right skills and abilities for the vacancy - and they will be supported and encouraged to progress as their experience develops.”
Ingeus delivers the Work and Health Programme, known locally as Work and Health North West, which is commissioned by the Department for Work and Pensions and receives support from the European Social Fund.
Floorbrite provides a diverse range of cleaning and facilities management services across the North West region, Cumbria and the Lake District. Since April 2020, it has offered employment to 11 Ingeus clients.
Floorbrite’s Julie Halstead, area manager in the North West, has been with the company for 18 months.
“Our business is growing and there are lots of opportunities at Floorbrite for employees who work hard and turn up on time,” explained Julie. “Arlene calls me and checks on the current vacancies and then recommends an individual that she thinks will be suitable for the post.
“We understand that some of the interviewees will be nervous, particularly if they have not worked for some time. We do our best to make the process a relaxed one and the person being interviewed feels confident to talk about their previous working experience and availability.”
Julie added: “We provide training to our employees and, where possible, we offer either permanent contracts or fixed term positions if they are covering maternity leave. There are opportunities to progress within Floorbrite because the company wants the staff to feel part of a team and to see they have a long term career with us.”
Studio Catalogue
Studio Catalogue is a national mail order company that offers a wide range of goods for customers online or via catalogue.
“Arlene is very open and honest with us and we have been pleased with the candidates that she has recommended for vacancies at Studio,” commented Kirby Lees. “We have been able to offer work to 20 people in the last 12 months.
“There are many different departments at Studio and if an employee is struggling in one section because of the pressure or speed of the work, we will seek to move them into another area that might suit them better. They know that they can come and talk to me or their supervisor and we will do our best to resolve their problems. We want staff members to be part of our success and to achieve their potential.”
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