Gaining greater insight

8 Oct 2020

Now more than ever, we need to focus on improving our mental wellbeing. The global pandemic has impacted the mental health of so many people as concern grows regarding the spread of coronavirus.
As governments struggle to find solutions to the COVID-19 crisis, World Mental Health Day is calling for our mental health to be recognised as a priority as record levels of anxiety, isolation and fear are experienced.
Many individuals have already been impacted or are fearful of losing their jobs as economic growth slows. Ingeus, as a leading employment support provider, understands that helping its out-of-work clients to find new opportunities is also about ensuring that they receive all the support they need to target any mental health issues.
Part of the assistance provided by Ingeus involves SilverCloud, a confidential, internet-based platform that delivers online therapeutic programmes. SilverCloud has been developed by clinical experts and provides easy to use content with tools that offer solutions to improve mental wellbeing.
The online platform is available to Ingeus clients in Greater Manchester, London and the North West who are experiencing low to medium stress, anxiety and depression.
The core programmes have been tailored to aid better mental health to enable users to build up resilience and combat mental health issues. Many participants are accessing the specific COVID-19 programme which supports those users with anxiety and depression linked to the current pandemic.

Accessing support

Jobseeker Keith Johnson lives in Tameside and started using SilverCloud to help ease his feelings of stress and anxiety. “I was feeling stressed before the lockdown,” said 64 year old Keith. “But the imposed restrictions just exacerbated everything.”

Keith became unemployed nearly two years ago when he left his job due to his developing arthritis. He was referred to Ingeus for help in finding new work, but Keith had not considered that his mental health was becoming an issue.
“I had not realised how my increased feelings of stress were also affecting my physical health,” added Keith. “I have been using SilverCloud for about five weeks now and the programme is really helping me.
“There’s advice and special tools that help you to develop a better understanding on how thoughts, feelings and behaviours are linked and appreciate which situations can act as triggers.
“I have downloaded the sound tracks that help you to relax as you meditate. I can go at my own pace, depending on how I am feeling. I fill in the journal and questionnaires which will help my support worker to gain greater insight into my feelings and moods. This approach is working for me and I can better appreciate that no-one has all the answers. I am feeling more confident I will find a new opportunity that’s right for me.”

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