How to become a Disability Confident employer: A Guide

3 Dec 2022

When you become a Disability Confident employer, people with disabilities feel confident applying for vacancies you offer, giving you access to a wider talent pool.

The importance of Disability Confident organisations cannot be undermined, as they pave the way to changing attitudes towards disabilities and unconscious bias within the workplace.

All of this has a direct impact on workplace culture and behaviour, which then trickles through your wider network and industry, which influences a more diverse and inclusive practice, therefore changing the industry as a whole.

What is classified as a disability?

A disability is defined as a mental or physical condition that has a substantial and long-term impact on day-to-day life, under the Equality Act 2010.

The Disability Confident employer scheme

The UK governments’ Disability Confident scheme helps employers, “make the most of the talents disabled people can bring to your workplace.

How to become a Disability Confident employer

You can sign up to become a Disability Confident employer via the website. There are three progressive levels that are designed to help your business become Disability Confident.

Disability Confident Committed - Level 1 

The first level is becoming Disability Confident Committed. Employers must undertake one action in the workplace in order to make a difference for people with disabilities.

When you sign up for Level 1 of the scheme, you receive:

The commitments include:

Employers must identify at least one activity to do the above:

If you are already doing the above, signing up for the scheme is a brilliant way to let current and potential employees you’re committed to giving equal opportunities for people with disabilities.

Sign up for Level 1 here.

Disability Confident Employer - Level 2

Disability Confident Employers go the extra mile to ensure people with disabilities get equal opportunities and a fair chance in the workplace. If your organisation has Level 1 certification, you can progress to becoming a Disability Confident Employer.

When you sign up for Level 2 of the scheme, you receive:

Becoming a Level 2 Disability Confident Employer is achieved through a self-assessment of your company, and focuses on two areas:

Having confirmed you’ve completed your online self-assessment, you will be registered as a Disability Confident Employer for three years.

Get the Level 2 self-assessment here.

Disability Confident Leader - Level 3

Disability Confident Leaders champion their local communities and businesses to help change attitudes surrounding disability in the workplace.

When you reach Level 3, you will receive:

To become a Disability Confident Leader, you need to:

Get Level 3 certified here.

The benefits of becoming a Disability Confident Employer

Great quality of work

According to the Institute of Corporate Productivity, 3 out of 4 employers ranked disabled people to be just as good as, or even better when it comes to motivation, attendance and work quality.

Better Company Culture 

Improved corporate culture is synonymous with diverse and inclusive workplaces. When a team has people with a wide range of experiences, employees develop more empathy towards one another, which has a knock-on impact on their performance.

Wider talent pool

According to the Family Resources Survey, 22% of the UK has a disability. By not hiring people with disabilities, you’re limiting yourself; however, by becoming a Disability Confident Employer, you will have access to a much wider talent pool.

Improved brand perception

When a company provides equal job opportunities for everyone, workplace culture improves tenfold, which has a positive impact on brand perception.

Become a Disability Confident Employer with Ingeus

Ingeus has been a Disability Confident Leader for six years, one of the first organisations to achieve this status, and nine per cent of its 2,500 staff has registered disabilities. If your organisation is looking to become a Disability Confident Employer, we can help guide you on your journey. Along the way, you will:

Speak to one of our advisors today. 


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