Ingeus celebrates international equal pay day

16 Sep 2022
Ingeus welcomes and applauds International Equal Pay Day on 18 September – a day which encourages employers across the globe to offer equal pay across genders for work of equal value. For Ingeus – where 60% of our team self-identify as female, including six out of nine of the executive team – it’s an opportunity to recognise our achievements so far in working against gender discrimination.

Launched by the United Nations in 2020, International Equal Pay Day builds on the UN’s human rights commitment. It’s a day to reflect on the efforts organisations have made in closing the gap between wages for male and female employees and serves as a prompt to those yet to start their journey. 

While the call for equal pay across genders has been widely accepted, progress is slow. It is estimated it will take another 257 years to close the global gender pay gap, which currently sits at 20%.

The UK gender pay gap is currently a little less: just over 18%. Its existence is complex and deep-rooted: a higher proportion of women work part time, and earn less pro-rata; more women traditionally work in less-well paid occupations; while many high-paying sectors are disproportionately made up of male workers.

Ingeus, however, is offering flexible working policies, training and development opportunities accessible to all. This year we proudly reached an industry-leading 0% median gender pay gap, with a mean gender pay gap of just 0.7%* 

As a Living Wage Employer, fair and equitable pay for all is a must-have and we will be building further on this positive result as Juliet Mortiss, Ingeus’s People and Culture Director, says: 

“Ingeus is committed to equality for everyone. Our gender pay gap reporting has provided us with new perspectives and data on which to create firm plans to help us achieve this. We believe this to be the spirit of equality legislation; putting gender firmly on the agenda so that we can support women to fulfil their potential.

“Ingeus is committed to a fully diverse and representative workforce, where diversity and inclusion is embedded in everything we do. We will continue to ensure our people initiatives reflect this ambition.”

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*As a UK business, Ingeus is legally required to complete gender pay gap reporting. The median pay gap, currently 0%, is the difference in pay between middle-ranking women and men. The mean (average) gender pay gap calculates the difference between average hourly pay of men, and the average hourly pay of women, across the whole company.

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