Marching to a new tune

11 Aug 2021
Ingeus’ newly appointed Business Support Manager Sally Allison hopes her recent job move will persuade other jobseekers, including fellow veterans, to widen their career sights. 

Forty-one-year-old Sally spent a large part of her working life with the British Army and took part in operations in Bosnia, Iraq and Northern Ireland. She also spent time in more peaceful areas, such as the Black Forest, the Mourne Mountains and the Scottish Highlands whilst on training exercises.

Now a new recruit at Ingeus, her role is a key element of Commissioned Rehabilitative Services (CRS), delivered on behalf of Her Majesty’s Prison and Probation Service, to work with offenders and reduce their risk of reoffending.

“I applied for the position because I believe that everyone deserves a second chance,” said Sally who leads a team of ten colleagues, covering five different delivery regions. The support includes education, training and employment as well as guidance concerning personal wellbeing and lifestyle choices.

Sally left the British Army after 17 years. She was part of the Adjutant Generals’ Corps (Staff and Personnel Support) providing Human Resources and Business Operations support to personnel all over the world. Since leaving the British Army, Sally has worked for a college in Hampshire; the local county council; and the Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service.

She commented: “I am thoroughly enjoying my work with Ingeus and the opportunity to shape how our business support is delivered. Leadership of a team is a privilege and I am so proud of how quickly we’ve all got to grips with a whole new way of working.

“I would urge other people to think about how their expertise and skills can be transferred to other industries. Not having previous experience in a sector can actually be an advantage; you’re coming into a role with new eyes and a fresh perspective rather than following an approach because it’s always been done that way.”

If you’re interested in seeing how your skills could be used in a whole new way, apply here.

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