NCS launches new Skills Booster sessions for schools

15 Jul 2021
As a pledge to help post-pandemic development, National Citizen Service (NCS) have launched a brand-new programme, Skills Booster, that integrates seamlessly with school and college curriculums to offer non-traditional skills to help boost young people’s CVs and college applications.
NCS aims to offer an educational boost to schools and students by creating bespoke programmes to suit their needs. Offering workshops such as:  
The benefits have already been seen by over 600 schools across the country and many local communities have benefitted from the programme’s social action projects. The projects, including fundraising, revamping public spaces and brightening up schools, are designed and planned by the students to help address local needs.
Justine Lewis, Careers Education Information Advice & Guidance Administrator at Skinners Kent Academy, shares his experience: “I’ve been really, really impressed. The staff that have come in to do the summer programme have been absolutely brilliant, they’ve really connected with the children, sent through all the information we needed, and have supported us as an academy.
Our students are used to sitting in a classroom silently to be taught, so after all their activities they were excited and surprised to be involved in completely interactive workshops where they had a voice and could get involved. The NCS staff helped them bring their thoughts to every discussion, it was absolutely brilliant”.
The programme has greatly benefited students, allowing them to get involved, learn news and prepare them for the world of work or further education.
One of the students from Skinners Kent Academy continues: “The social action project was my favourite, my team started really coming together and we managed to raise £565 for a foodbank called Nourish. It’s definitely improved my skills, I’m better at communication, teamwork and leadership. I’m not really one to speak in front of other people, but after NCS I felt confident to speak in front of everyone”.
‘Skills Booster’ is designed to have a direct positive influence on the school curriculum and student outcomes. If you are a school and would like to register, please click complete this form or contact your local NCS team.

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