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Free, tailored recruitment services

Job Entry Targeted Support (JETS) is the Government’s COVID-19 driven employability programme. In Central London JETS is delivered by Ingeus, and we can provide local employers with tailored, free, recruitment services. 

A key element to CLW JETS is its localised approach, offering sector based expertise and skills development, ensuring candidates are expertly matched to your current vacancies.  

Employer Benefits

At Ingeus, we pride ourselves on the service we deliver to employers and the thousands of people we help back into work. From well-known brands to local community enterprises, we work with employers across Central London who share our passion of allowing everyone to reap the rewards of a sustainable working life. 

Save time and money

No more sifting through CVs. No more unsuitable candidates. No recruitment advertising or fees. Hire quickly and efficiently with expertly screened, work-ready candidates available now. It’s a recruitment service tailored to your needs, and it doesn’t cost you a penny.

Diverse talent

The pandemic has widely expanded the candidate pool, with many experienced and talented people now on a motivated hunt to find their next role. From administrators, bankers and IT specialists to security guards, sales assistants and hospitality hosts, CLW JETS candidates from across a mix of sectors are now actively, voluntarily seeking work.

Work ready candidates

You can rely on CLW JETS applicants to have the employability skills, confidence, and realistic job knowledge you require. We will expertly screen and filter candidates, undertake background and Right to Work checks, and make sure transport, shift patterns and salary don’t become future stumbling blocks.

Contact CLW JETS for free recruitment services

For further information on JETS services available to employers, please compete the contact form below and one of our advisors will arrange a call at a time to suit you. 

Or you can call us on 01234 567 890.

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JETS has helped employers fill more than 6,000 vacancies in Central London

Working in partnership

Job Entry Targeted Support is a Government programme created to support people made unemployed by COVID-19 back into work. In Central London Works Job Entry Targeted Support is delivered by Ingeus with partners Groundwork, The Get Set Academy and The Salvation Army. It is commissioned by Central London Forward, funded by the Department for Work and Pensions, and co-financed by the European Social Fund.