Case Study

Abi gains dream job just two hours after interview

31 May 2022
As a single parent, Abi Babington-Adewuyi was very worried when she became unemployed.
But now the 42-year-old from Bury is working in her “dream job” thanks to help from the “amazing” Restart Scheme, delivered by Ingeus.

Abi, who is originally from Africa, was a social worker until she moved to the UK in 2012 and became a support worker for people with learning difficulties. Then she taught academic and employability skills at a university, but her contract ended and there wasn’t the funding to keep her on.

Although her own knowledge of employability helped, she felt she needed further support.
She was referred to the Restart Scheme by Bury Jobcentre Plus and assigned to Restart adviser Ellie Howarth.

The programme provides jobseekers with advice, employability support and access to local jobs, while employers benefit from fee-free recruitment services.
“I was very worried to be unemployed as a single mum, but I met with Ellie and she calmed me down, told me not worry and to be positive,” said Abi.

A vacancy came up as a domestic violence worker in a refuge and Abi felt confident after taking part in an interview workshop and spending time with Ellie prepping.

“A lot of the questions we had worked on came up, so I felt happy answering them,” she said. “I also have personal experience of domestic violence and could tap into that knowledge.”

Two hours later she was thrilled to be told she had got the job.

“The role involves supporting domestic violence victims and their children,” said Abi.
“It’s my dream job, something I have always wanted to do.”

Abi said the Restart Scheme had been an “amazing experience”.

“Ellie was supportive and with her kind words and nice smile, I was hopeful about the job search,” she said. “All the staff are nice and helpful and they’re doing a great job helping people get back into work.”

Commissioned by the Department for Work and Pensions, Ingeus is a leading provider of the Restart Scheme in Greater Manchester and Central and West London. 
It also partners with Serco, to support the Restart Scheme in Central West Midlands.

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