Case Study

Beth re-builds confidence with JETS

7 Oct 2021
Beth’s confidence reached an all-time low when she found herself unemployed last year due to the pandemic. But, after applying for almost 50 jobs without success, she was referred to the WHP JETS programme where the support she received helped her to regain the self-esteem she was lacking.

“When I joined JETS my confidence was so low,” says Beth, 25. “I’d been let go from my old job in 2020 because they couldn’t afford to keep me in work, and after 12 months without a job I thought I’d become unemployable. Plus, when lockdown hit, I became too anxious to talk to people which made me not want to apply for jobs.”

Beth, from Greater Manchester, was referred to JETS by her work coach at her local Jobcentre Plus. In Greater Manchester, Ingeus delivers the Working Well (Work and Health Programme) Job Entry Targeted Support (WHP JETS) programme on behalf of the Greater Manchester Combined Authority.

An experienced receptionist, Beth was keen to find a part time position to fit around her family commitments. After so many rejections, coupled with social anxieties triggered by lockdown, she thought she would never be able to achieve this ambition.

Assigned to Ingeus employment coach Shayma Kadim, Beth was soon booked on to a confidence building workshop, which she attended online. As well as boosting her self-confidence, it also offered tailored advice on improving her CV and interview techniques. In addition, Shayma gave one-to-one support with job searches and made sure Beth was the first to see any new jobs advertised.

Beth explains, “Shayma was very persistent in my job hunting and encouraged me to set targets for myself to meet in terms of applying for work. She helped me to get into a routine of applying for at least one job each day and, once I was in the swing of things, I eventually got interviews, and finally a job.”

Almost at the end of her first month in her new administration role, Beth feels grateful to the JETS programme for the support she received.

She says, “Shayma and the JETS programme really helped my confidence and reminded me to believe in myself and my skills. Thanks to their support I managed to get a part-time job which I enjoy and means I can still help with the family business.”

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